Thomson ONE Banker - Deals allows you to quickly hone in on the critical data you need when every second counts. Select from a comprehensive list of over 700 search criteria items including:
Mergers & Acquisitions
400,000+ Global Transactions Since 1977 - Mergers & Acquisitions
- Tender Offers
- Spin Offs
- Stake Purchases
- Repurchaes
- Rumored and Seeking Buyer Transactions
Equity 80,000+ Global Transactions Since 1970 - IPOs
- Follow-On Offerings
- Convertible Debt Offerings
- Expected Deal Pipelines
- Private Placements
- Withdrawn/Postponed Offerings
- Shelf Registrations
Fixed Income 260,000+ Global Transactions Since 1970 - Investment Grade Offerings
- High Yield Offerings
- Mortgage and Asset Backed Securities
- Agency Debt Offerings
- Emerging Market Debt Offerings
- Private Placements
- Withdrawn/Postponed Offerings
- Shelf Registrations
Syndicated Loans 92,000+ Global Transactions Since 1982 - Investment Grade Loans
- Near Investment Grade Loans
- Leveraged Loans
- Highly Leveraged Loans
- Daily and Historical News
Project Finance 3,800+ Global Transactions Since 1990 - Announced Projects*
- Financed Projects*
- In Procees Projects*
- Under Construction Projects*
- Daily and Historical News

*on a limited or non-recourse basis

Through an intuitive, highly flexible search capability, Thomson ONE Banker - Deals offers advanced screening options allowing you to search and retrieve crucial information. Use Thomson ONE Banker - Deals to:

Analyze Business Trends
Analyze business trends to stay one step ahead of the competition.
Monitor Market Share
Monitor market share with instant access to Thomson Financial industry-standard league tables.
Seamlessly Link to TF Products
Seamlessly link to other Thomson Financial Analytics and Research applications.
Create Custom Reports
Easily create custom reports, league tables and analyses that can be quickly inserted into presentations or shared with colleagues.
Obtain One-Click Access
Obtain one-click access via the Search Library to a wide selection of commonly requested league tables, volume analyses and deal lists via Search Library.
Generate Template Based Reports
Generate template-based reports by using the Quick Search feature to identify and report on specific companies or transaction attributes.
Customize Your Searches
Customize your searches with the Advanced Search option designed to offer the sophisticated user a more powerful, robust engine to manage highly targeted requirements.

Access Thomson ONE Banker - Deals 24 hours a day, from any desktop at any time. All you need to get started is a standard Web browser (Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.5 or above).

Utilizing a simple Web-based interface, Thomson ONE Banker - Deals provides fast and easy access to all data needed to make intelligent decisions and remain ahead of the competition.

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